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Package org.apache.pig.backend.hadoop.executionengine.mapReduceLayer

Added Classes

Changed Classes and Interfaces
JobControlCompiler This is compiler class that takes an MROperPlan and converts it into a JobControl object with the relevant dependency info maintained.
MapReduceLauncher Main class that launches pig for Map Reduce
PhyPlanSetter Sets the parent plan for all Physical Operators.
PigGenericMapReduce This class is the static Mapper & Reducer classes that are used by Pig to execute Pig Map Reduce jobs.
PigHadoopLogger A singleton class that implements the PigLogger interface for use in map reduce context.
PigOutputFormat The better half of PigInputFormat which is responsible for the Store functionality.
PigStatsOutputSizeReader Interface to implement when you want to customize the way of computing the size of output in PigStats.