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Class org.apache.pig.PigConfiguration

Removed Fields
String TIME_UDFS_PROP Controls whether execution time of Pig UDFs should be tracked.

Added Fields
String PIG_CACHEDBAG_MEMUSAGE Controls the fraction of total memory that is allowed to be used by cached bags.
String PIG_CACHEDBAG_TYPE Configurations for specifying alternate implementations for cached bags.
String PIG_EXEC_MAP_PARTAGG Boolean value to enable or disable partial aggregation in map.
String PIG_EXEC_MAP_PARTAGG_MINREDUCTION Controls the minimum reduction in-mapper Partial Aggregation should achieve in order to stay on.
String PIG_EXEC_NO_COMBINER Boolean value to enable or disable use of combiners in MapReduce jobs.
String PIG_EXEC_NO_SECONDARY_KEY This key controls whether secondary sort key is used for optimization in case of nested distinct or sort
String PIG_MAX_COMBINED_SPLIT_SIZE Specifies the size in bytes of data to be processed by a single map.
String PIG_NO_SPLIT_COMBINATION Whether turns combine split files off.
String PIG_NO_TASK_REPORT This key is used to turns off use of task reports in job statistics.
String PIG_OPT_ACCUMULATOR Boolean value used to enable or disable accumulator optimization.
String PIG_OPT_FETCH Boolean value used to enable or disable fetching without a mapreduce job for DUMP.
String PIG_OPT_MULTIQUERY Boolean value used to enable or disable multiquery optimization.
String PIG_POISSON_SAMPLER_SAMPLE_RATE For a given mean and a confidence a sample rate is obtained from a poisson udf
String PIG_SCHEMA_TUPLE_ENABLED This key must be set to true by the user for code generation to be used.
String PIG_SCRIPT_INFO_ENABLED This key is used to turn off the inclusion of settings in the jobs.
String PIG_SCRIPT_MAX_SIZE Controls the size of Pig script stored in job xml.
String PIG_SKEWEDJOIN_REDUCE_MEMUSAGE % of memory available for the input data.
String PIG_SPLIT_COMBINATION Turns combine split files on or off
String PIG_STREAMING_UDF_PYTHON_COMMAND This key can be used to configure the python command for python streaming udf.
String PIG_TEZ_AUTO_PARALLELISM This key is used to configure auto parallelism in tez.
String PIG_TEZ_DAG_STATUS_REPORT_INTERVAL This key is used to configure the interval of dag status report in seconds.
String PIG_TEZ_OPT_UNION This key is used to enable or disable union optimization in tez.
String PIG_TEZ_SESSION_REUSE This key is used to define whether to reuse AM in Tez jobs.
String PIG_UDF_PROFILE Controls whether execution time of Pig UDFs should be tracked.

Changed Fields
String INSERT_ENABLED Now deprecated.
use {@link #PIG_SCRIPT_INFO_ENABLED} instead.
String MAX_SCRIPT_SIZE Now deprecated.
use {@link #PIG_SCRIPT_MAX_SIZE} instead.
String OPT_FETCH Now deprecated.
use {@link #PIG_OPT_FETCH} instead.
String PARTAGG_MINREDUCTION Now deprecated.
String PROP_CACHEDBAG_MEMUSAGE Now deprecated.
use {@link #PIG_CACHEDBAG_MEMUSAGE} instead.
String PROP_EXEC_MAP_PARTAGG Now deprecated.
use {@link #PIG_EXEC_MAP_PARTAGG} instead.
String PROP_NO_COMBINER Now deprecated.
use {@link #PROP_NO_COMBINER1} instead.