Class Summary
AvroSchema2Pig This class converts Avro schema to Pig schema
AvroSchemaManager This class creates two maps out of a given Avro schema.
AvroStorage AvroStorage is used to load/store Avro data
Document can be found here
AvroStorageInputStream Adapt an FSDataInputStream to SeekableInput.
AvroStorageLog Simple logging utils of this package
AvroStorageUtils This is utility class for this package
PigAvroDatumReader An avro GenericDatumReader which reads in avro data and converts them to pig data: tuples, bags, etc.
PigAvroDatumWriter An avro GenericDatumWriter to write pig data as Avro data.
PigAvroInputFormat The InputFormat for avro data.
PigAvroOutputFormat The OutputFormat for avro data.
PigAvroRecordReader This is an implementation of record reader which reads in avro data and convert them into pairs.
PigAvroRecordWriter The RecordWriter used to output pig results as avro data
PigSchema2Avro This class contains functions to convert Pig schema to Avro.

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