Package org.apache.pig.newplan

Interface Summary
OperatorPlan An interface that defines graph operations on plans.

Class Summary
DependencyOrderWalker A walker to walk graphs in dependency order.
DepthFirstWalker Do a depth first traversal of the graph.
DotPlanDumper This class puts everything that is needed to dump a plan in a format readable by graphviz's dot algorithm.
OperatorSubPlan Class to represent a view of a plan.
PColFilterExtractor This Visitor works on the filter condition of a LOFilter which immediately follows a LOLoad that interacts with a metadata system (currently OWL) to read table data.
PlanDumper This class dumps a nested plan to a print stream.
PlanVisitor A visitor mechanism for navigating and operating on a plan of Operators.
ReverseDependencyOrderWalker Visit a plan in the reverse of the dependency order.
ReverseDependencyOrderWalkerWOSeenChk Visit a plan in the reverse of the dependency order.

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