Package org.apache.pig.newplan.logical.visitor

Class Summary
CastLineageSetter Find uid lineage information.
ColumnAliasConversionVisitor Logical plan visitor which will convert all column alias references to column indexes, using the underlying anonymous expression plan visitor.
LineageFindRelVisitor Create mapping between uid and Load FuncSpec when the LogicalExpression associated with it is known to hold an unmodified element of data returned by the load function.
ProjectStarExpander A visitor to walk operators that contain a nested plan and translate project( * ) operators to a list of projection operators, i.e., project( * ) -> project(0), project(1), ...
ProjectStarExpanderUtil Util function(s) for project-(star/range) expansion
ProjStarInUdfExpander Expand project-star or project-range when used as udf argument.
ScalarVisitor Logical plan visitor which handles scalar projections.
UnionOnSchemaSetter A visitor that modifies the logical plan (if necessary) for union-onschema functionality.

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