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Package org.apache.pig.backend.hadoop.executionengine.mapReduceLayer

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Changed Classes
MRCompiler The compiler that compiles a given physical plan into a DAG of MapReduce operators which can then be converted into the JobControl structure.
MapReduceLauncher Main class that launches pig for Map Reduce
MapReduceOper An operator model for a Map Reduce job.
MapReducePOStoreImpl This class is used to have a POStore write to DFS via a output collector/record writer.
MergeJoinIndexer Merge Join indexer is used to generate on the fly index for doing Merge Join efficiently.
PhyPlanSetter Sets the parent plan for all Physical Operators.
PigHadoopLogger A singleton class that implements the PigLogger interface for use in map reduce context.
PigMapReduce This class is the static Mapper & Reducer classes that are used by Pig to execute Pig Map Reduce jobs.
PigOutputCommitter A specialization of the default FileOutputCommitter to allow pig to inturn delegate calls to the OutputCommiter(s) of the StoreFunc(s)' OutputFormat(s).
PigRecordReader A wrapper around the actual RecordReader and loadfunc - this is needed for two reasons 1) To intercept the initialize call from hadoop and initialize the underlying actual RecordReader with the right Context object - this is achieved by looking up the Context corresponding to the input split this Reader is supposed to process 2) We need to give hadoop consistent key-value types - text and tuple respectively - so PigRecordReader will call underlying Loader's getNext() to get the Tuple value - the key is null text since key is not used in input to map() in Pig.
PigSplit The main split class that maintains important information about the input split.
SampleOptimizer A visitor to optimize plans that have a sample job that immediately follows a load/store only MR job.