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Package org.apache.pig.backend.hadoop.executionengine.physicalLayer.relationalOperators

Added Classes
StoreFuncDecorator This class is used to decorate the {@code StoreFunc#putNext(Tuple)}.

Changed Classes
POCounter This operator is part of the RANK operator implementation.
POCross Recover this class for nested cross operation.
POFRJoin The operator models the join keys using the Local Rearrange operators which are configured with the plan specified by the user.
POLocalRearrange The local rearrange operator is a part of the co-group implementation.
POMergeJoin.TuplesToSchemaTupleList This is a class that extends ArrayList making it easy to provide on the fly conversion from Tuple to SchemaTuple.
POPackage The package operator that packages the globally rearranged tuples into output format as required by co-group.
POPartialAgg Do partial aggregation in map plan.
POPreCombinerLocalRearrange A specialized local rearrange operator which behaves like the regular local rearrange in the getNext() as far as getting its input and constructing the "key" out of the input.
PORank This operator is part of the RANK operator implementation.
POStore The store operator which is used in two ways: 1) As a local operator it can be used to store files 2) In the Map Reduce setting it is used to create jobs from MapReduce operators which keep the loads and stores in the Map and Reduce Plans till the job is created