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Class org.apache.pig.PigConfiguration

Added Fields
String CALLER_ID Log tracing id that can be used by upstream clients for tracking respective logs
String ENABLE_ATS Enable ATS for Pig
String PIG_ARTIFACTS_DOWNLOAD_LOCATION This key is used to set the download location when registering an artifact using ivy coordinate
String PIG_BZIP_USE_HADOOP_INPUTFORMAT Using hadoop's TextInputFormat for reading bzip input instead of using Pig's Bzip2TextInputFormat.
String PIG_ERROR_HANDLING_ENABLED Boolean value used to enable or disable error handling for storers
String PIG_ERROR_HANDLING_MIN_ERROR_RECORDS Controls the minimum number of errors
String PIG_ERROR_HANDLING_THRESHOLD_PERCENT Set the threshold for percentage of errors
String PIG_EXEC_NO_COMBINER_REDUCER Enable or disable use of combiners in reducer shuffle-merge phase in Tez.
String PIG_SORT_READONCE_LOADFUNCS Pig only reads once from datasource for LoadFuncs specified here during sort instead of loading once for sampling and loading again for partitioning.
String PIG_SPILL_COLLECTION_THRESHOLD_FRACTION Spill will be triggered if the fraction of biggest heap exceeds the collection threshold.
String PIG_SPILL_MEMORY_USAGE_THRESHOLD_FRACTION Spill will be triggered if the fraction of biggest heap exceeds the usage threshold.
String PIG_SPILL_UNUSED_MEMORY_THRESHOLD_SIZE Spill will be triggered when unused memory falls below the threshold.
String PIG_TEZ_OPT_UNION_SUPPORTED_STOREFUNCS These keys are used to enable or disable tez union optimization for specific StoreFuncs.