Interface Summary
PigProgressNotificationListener Should be implemented by an object that wants to receive notifications from PigRunner.

Class Summary
EmptyPigStats EmptyPigStats encapsulates dummy statistics of a fetch task, since during a fetch no MR jobs are executed
InputStats This class encapsulates the runtime statistics of a user specified input.
JobStats This class encapsulates the runtime statistics of a MapReduce job.
OutputStats This class encapsulates the runtime statistics of an user specified output.
PigStats PigStats encapsulates the statistics collected from a running script.
PigStats.JobGraph JobGraph is an OperatorPlan whose members are JobStats
PigStats.JobGraphPrinter This class prints a JobGraph
PigStatsUtil A utility class for Pig Statistics
ScriptState ScriptStates encapsulates settings for a Pig script that runs on a hadoop cluster.

Enum Summary
ScriptState.PIG_FEATURE Features used in a Pig script
ScriptState.PIG_PROPERTY Keys of Pig settings added to Jobs

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