Package org.apache.pig

Public interfaces and classes for Pig.


Interface Summary
Accumulator<T> An interface that allows UDFs that take a bag to accumulate tuples in chunks rather than take the whole set at once.
Algebraic An interface to declare that an EvalFunc's calculation can be decomposed into intitial, intermediate, and final steps.
CollectableLoadFunc This interface implemented by a LoadFunc implementations indicates to Pig that it has the capability to load data such that all instances of a key will occur in same split.
ExceptionalFunction<S,T,E extends Exception> An interface that captures a unit of work against an item where an exception might be thrown.
ExecType The type of query execution.
Function<S,T> A convenience typedef that ties into both google's Function and ExceptionalFunction.
IndexableLoadFunc This class is intended for use by LoadFunc implementations which have an internal index for sorted data and can use the index to support merge join in Pig.
LoadCaster An interface that provides cast implementations for load functions.
LoadMetadata This interface defines how to retrieve metadata related to data to be loaded.
LoadPushDown This interface defines how to communicate to Pig what functionality can be pushed into the loader.
LoadStoreCaster This is just a union interface of LoadCaster and StoreCaster, made available for simplicity.
OrderedLoadFunc Implementing this interface indicates to Pig that a given loader can be used for MergeJoin.
OverwritableStoreFunc A StoreFunc should implement this interface to enable overwriting its store/output location if it already exists.
PigToStream Deprecated. Use PigStreamingBase
StoreCaster An interface that provides methods for converting Pig internal types to byte[].
StoreFuncInterface StoreFuncs take records from Pig's processing and store them into a data store.
StoreMetadata This interface defines how to write metadata related to data to be stored.
StreamToPig Deprecated. Use PigStreamingBase
TerminatingAccumulator<T> This is an interface which, if implemented, allows an Accumulator function to signal that it can terminate early.

Class Summary
AccumulatorEvalFunc<T> This class is used to provide a free implementation of the EvalFunc exec function given implementation of the Accumulator interface.
AlgebraicEvalFunc<T> This class is used to provide a free implementation of the Accumulator interface and EvalFunc class in the case of an Algebraic function.
ComparisonFunc Deprecated.
EvalFunc<T> The class is used to implement functions to be applied to fields in a dataset.
Expression A class to communicate Filter expressions to LoadFuncs.
FileInputLoadFunc This class provides an implementation of OrderedLoadFunc interface which can be optionally re-used by LoadFuncs that use FileInputFormat, by having this as a super class
FileSplitComparable This class represents a relative position in a file.
FuncSpec Class to represent a UDF specification.
IteratingAccumulatorEvalFunc<T> This class provides a much more intuitive way to write Accumulator UDFs.
For example, you could express IsEmpty as follows:
LoadFunc A LoadFunc loads data into Pig.
LoadFuncMetadataWrapper Convenience class to extend when decorating a class that extends LoadFunc and implements LoadMetadata.
LoadFuncWrapper Convenience class to extend when decorating a LoadFunc.
LoadPushDown.RequiredField Describes a field that is required to execute a scripts.
LoadPushDown.RequiredFieldList List of fields that Pig knows to be required to executed a script.
LoadPushDown.RequiredFieldResponse Indicates whether the loader will return the requested fields or all fields.
Main Main class for Pig engine.
PigConfiguration Container for static configuration strings, defaults, etc.
PigRunner A utility to help run PIG scripts within a Java program.
PigServer A class for Java programs to connect to Pig.
PigStreamingBase The interface is used for the custom mapping of - a Tuple to a byte array.
PrimitiveEvalFunc<IN,OUT> Base class for simple Pig UDFs that are functions of primitive types IN to OUT.
ResourceSchema A represenation of a schema used to communicate with load and store functions.
ResourceStatistics An class that represents statistics about data to be loaded or stored.
ResourceStatistics.ResourceFieldStatistics Statistics for a given field in the data.
SortColInfo A class representing information about a sort column in SortInfo
SortInfo Class to communicate sort column information based on order by statment's sort columns and schema
StoreFunc StoreFuncs take records from Pig's processing and store them into a data store.
StoreFuncMetadataWrapper Convenience class to extend when decorating a class that implements both StoreFunc and StoreMetadata.
StoreFuncWrapper Convenience class to extend when decorating a StoreFunc.
TypedOutputEvalFunc<OUT> Base class for Pig UDFs that are functions from Tuples to generic type OUT.

Enum Summary
EvalFunc.SchemaType EvalFunc's schema type.
LoadPushDown.OperatorSet Set of possible operations that Pig can push down to a loader.
PigCounters The following enum will contain the general counters that pig uses.
PigWarning An enum to enumerate the warning types in Pig

Exception Summary
PigException All exceptions in Pig are encapsulated in the PigException class.

Package org.apache.pig Description

Public interfaces and classes for Pig.

PigServer is the interface to Pig for use by other java programs. Other interfaces and classes in this package are for use by users when implementing user defined functions.

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