Package org.apache.pig.impl.util.avro

Class Summary
AvroArrayReader RecordReader for Avro files
AvroBagWrapper<T> Class that implements the Pig bag interface, wrapping an Avro array.
AvroMapWrapper Wrapper for map objects, so we can translate UTF8 objects to Strings if we encounter them.
AvroRecordReader RecordReader for Avro files
AvroRecordWriter RecordWriter for Avro objects.
AvroStorageDataConversionUtilities Utility classes for AvroStorage; contains static methods for converting between Avro and Pig objects.
AvroStorageSchemaConversionUtilities Static methods for converting from Avro Schema object to Pig Schema objects, and vice versa.
AvroTupleWrapper<T extends IndexedRecord> Object that wraps an Avro object in a tuple.

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