Class SpillableMemoryManager

  extended by org.apache.pig.impl.util.SpillableMemoryManager
All Implemented Interfaces:
EventListener, NotificationListener

public class SpillableMemoryManager
extends Object
implements NotificationListener

This class Tracks the tenured pool and a list of Spillable objects. When memory gets low, this class will start requesting Spillable objects to free up memory.

Low memory is defined as more than 50% of the tenured pool being allocated. Spillable objects are tracked using WeakReferences so that the objects can be GCed even though this class has a reference to them.

Method Summary
 void clearSpillables()
static void configure(Properties properties)
static SpillableMemoryManager getInstance()
 void handleNotification(Notification n, Object o)
 void registerSpillable(Spillable s)
          Register a spillable to be tracked.
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Method Detail


public static SpillableMemoryManager getInstance()


public static void configure(Properties properties)


public void handleNotification(Notification n,
                               Object o)
Specified by:
handleNotification in interface NotificationListener


public void clearSpillables()


public void registerSpillable(Spillable s)
Register a spillable to be tracked. No need to unregister, the tracking will stop when the spillable is GCed.

s - the spillable to track.

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