Class PartitionSkewedKeys

  extended by org.apache.pig.EvalFunc<Map<String,Object>>
      extended by org.apache.pig.impl.builtin.PartitionSkewedKeys

public class PartitionSkewedKeys
extends EvalFunc<Map<String,Object>>

Partition reducers for skewed keys. This is used in skewed join during sampling process. It figures out how many reducers required to process a skewed key without causing spill and allocate this number of reducers to this key. This UDF outputs a map which contains 2 keys:

  • "totalreducers": the value is an integer wich indicates the number of total reducers for this join job
  • "partition.list": the value is a bag which contains a list of tuples with each tuple representing partitions for a skewed key. The tuple has format of <join key>,<min index of reducer>, <max index of reducer>
  • For example, a join job configures 10 reducers, and the sampling process finds out 2 skewed keys, "swpv" needs 4 reducers and "swps" needs 2 reducers. The output file would be like following: {totalreducers=10, partition.list={(swpv,0,3), (swps,4,5)}} The name of this file is set into next MR job which does the actual join. That job uses this information to partition skewed keys properly

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    Field Summary
    static String PARTITION_LIST
    static String TOTAL_REDUCERS
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    pigLogger, reporter, returnType
    Constructor Summary
    PartitionSkewedKeys(String[] args)
    Method Summary
     Map<String,Object> exec(Tuple in)
              first field in the input tuple is the number of reducers second field is the *sorted* bag of samples this should be called only once
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    public static final String PARTITION_LIST
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    public static final String TOTAL_REDUCERS
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    public static final float DEFAULT_PERCENT_MEMUSAGE
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    Constructor Detail


    public PartitionSkewedKeys()


    public PartitionSkewedKeys(String[] args)
    Method Detail


    public Map<String,Object> exec(Tuple in)
                            throws IOException
    first field in the input tuple is the number of reducers second field is the *sorted* bag of samples this should be called only once

    Specified by:
    exec in class EvalFunc<Map<String,Object>>
    in - the Tuple to be processed.
    result, of type T.

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