Package org.apache.pig.backend.hadoop.accumulo

Class Summary
AbstractAccumuloStorage A LoadStoreFunc for retrieving data from and storing data to Accumulo A Key/Val pair will be returned as tuples: (key, colfam, colqual, colvis, timestamp, value).
AccumuloBinaryConverter A LoadStoreCaster implementation which stores most type implementations as bytes generated from the toString representation with a UTF8 Charset.
AccumuloStorage Basic PigStorage implementation that uses Accumulo as the backing store.
Column Extracts necessary information from a user provide column "specification": colf[[*]:[colq[*]]] Removes any trailing asterisk on colfam or colqual, and appropriately sets the {#link Column.Type}
FixedByteArrayOutputStream Uses a fixed length array and will not grow in size dynamically like the ByteArrayOutputStream.

Enum Summary

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