Interface TerminatingAccumulator<T>

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IsEmpty, IteratingAccumulatorEvalFunc

public interface TerminatingAccumulator<T>
extends Accumulator<T>

This is an interface which, if implemented, allows an Accumulator function to signal that it can terminate early. Certain classes of UDF to do not need access to an entire set of data in order to finish processing. A model example is {org.apache.pig.builtin.IsEmpty}. IsEmpty can be Accumulative as if it receives even one line, it knows that it is not empty. Another example might be a UDF which does streaming analysis, and once a given stream matches a criteria, can terminate without needing any further analysis.

Method Summary
 boolean isFinished()
Methods inherited from interface org.apache.pig.Accumulator
accumulate, cleanup, getValue

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boolean isFinished()

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