Interface Illustrable

All Known Implementing Classes:
Add, BinaryComparisonOperator, BinaryExpressionOperator, ConstantExpression, Divide, EqualToExpr, ExpressionOperator, GreaterThanExpr, GTOrEqualToExpr, LessThanExpr, LTOrEqualToExpr, Mod, Multiply, NotEqualToExpr, PhysicalOperator, POAnd, POBinCond, POCast, POCollectedGroup, POCombinerPackage, POCross, PODemux, PODistinct, POFilter, POForEach, POFRJoin, POGlobalRearrange, POIsNull, POJoinPackage, POLimit, POLoad, POLocalRearrange, POMapLookUp, POMergeCogroup, POMergeJoin, POMultiQueryPackage, PONative, PONegative, PONot, POOptimizedForEach, POOr, POPackage, POPackageLite, POPartialAgg, POPartitionRearrange, POPreCombinerLocalRearrange, POProject, PORegexp, PORelationToExprProject, POSkewedJoin, POSort, POSortedDistinct, POSplit, POStore, POStream, POUnion, POUserComparisonFunc, POUserFunc, Subtract, UnaryComparisonOperator, UnaryExpressionOperator

public interface Illustrable

Method Summary
 Tuple illustratorMarkup(Object in, Object out, int eqClassIndex)
          input tuple mark up to be illustrate-able
 void setIllustrator(Illustrator illustrator)

Method Detail


void setIllustrator(Illustrator illustrator)


Tuple illustratorMarkup(Object in,
                        Object out,
                        int eqClassIndex)
input tuple mark up to be illustrate-able

in - input tuple
out - output tuple before wrapped in ExampleTuple
eqClassIndex - index into equivalence classes in illustrator

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