Package org.apache.pig.impl.builtin

Class Summary
DefaultIndexableLoader Used by MergeJoin .
GetMemNumRows UDF to get memory size of a tuple and extracts number of rows value from special tuple created by PoissonSampleLoader It is used by skewed join.
GFAny built-in grouping function; permits system to choose any grouping.
IdentityColumn Returns the input, used by DuplicateForEachColumnRewrite to rewrite duplicate columns in ForEach.
PartitionSkewedKeys Partition reducers for skewed keys.
PoissonSampleLoader See "Skewed Join sampler" in
RandomSampleLoader A loader that samples the data.
ReadScalars ReadScalars reads a line from a file and returns it as its value.
SampleLoader Abstract class that specifies the interface for sample loaders

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