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org.apache.pig Public interfaces and classes for Pig. 

Uses of AccumulatorEvalFunc in org.apache.pig

Subclasses of AccumulatorEvalFunc in org.apache.pig
 class AlgebraicEvalFunc<T>
          This class is used to provide a free implementation of the Accumulator interface and EvalFunc class in the case of an Algebraic function.

Uses of AccumulatorEvalFunc in org.apache.pig.scripting.jruby

Subclasses of AccumulatorEvalFunc in org.apache.pig.scripting.jruby
 class JrubyAccumulatorEvalFunc
          This class provides a bridge between Ruby classes that extend AccumulatorPigUdf and their execution in Pig.
 class JrubyAlgebraicEvalFunc<T>
          This class provides the bridge between Ruby classes that extend the AlgebraicPigUdf "interface" by implementing an initial, intermed, and final method.
static class JrubyAlgebraicEvalFunc.BagJrubyAlgebraicEvalFunc
          Unlike EvalFuncs and Accumulators, the type must be known at compile time (ie it can't return Object), as Pig inspects the type and ensures that it is valid.
static class JrubyAlgebraicEvalFunc.ChararrayJrubyAlgebraicEvalFunc
static class JrubyAlgebraicEvalFunc.DataByteArrayJrubyAlgebraicEvalFunc
static class JrubyAlgebraicEvalFunc.DoubleJrubyAlgebraicEvalFunc
static class JrubyAlgebraicEvalFunc.FloatJrubyAlgebraicEvalFunc
static class JrubyAlgebraicEvalFunc.IntegerJrubyAlgebraicEvalFunc
static class JrubyAlgebraicEvalFunc.LongJrubyAlgebraicEvalFunc
static class JrubyAlgebraicEvalFunc.MapJrubyAlgebraicEvalFunc
static class JrubyAlgebraicEvalFunc.TupleJrubyAlgebraicEvalFunc

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