Class BinaryExpressionOperator

  extended by org.apache.pig.impl.plan.Operator<LOVisitor>
      extended by org.apache.pig.impl.logicalLayer.LogicalOperator
          extended by org.apache.pig.impl.logicalLayer.ExpressionOperator
              extended by org.apache.pig.impl.logicalLayer.BinaryExpressionOperator
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Cloneable, Comparable<Operator>
Direct Known Subclasses:
LOAdd, LOAnd, LODivide, LOEqual, LOGreaterThan, LOGreaterThanEqual, LOLesserThan, LOLesserThanEqual, LOMod, LOMultiply, LONotEqual, LOOr, LORegexp, LOSubtract

public abstract class BinaryExpressionOperator
extends ExpressionOperator

This abstract class represents the logical Binary Expression Operator The binary operator has two operands and an operator. The format of the expression is lhs_operand operator rhs_operand. The operator name is assumed and can be inferred by the class name

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Serialized Form

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.apache.pig.impl.logicalLayer.ExpressionOperator
mFieldSchema, mIsFieldSchemaComputed
Fields inherited from class org.apache.pig.impl.logicalLayer.LogicalOperator
mAlias, mCustomPartitioner, mIsProjectionMapComputed, mIsSchemaComputed, mPinnedOptions, mPlan, mProjectionMap, mRequestedParallelism, mSchema, mType
Fields inherited from class org.apache.pig.impl.plan.Operator
Constructor Summary
BinaryExpressionOperator(LogicalPlan plan, OperatorKey k)
BinaryExpressionOperator(LogicalPlan plan, OperatorKey k, int rp)
Method Summary
protected  Object clone()
 ExpressionOperator getLhsOperand()
 ExpressionOperator getRhsOperand()
 boolean supportsMultipleInputs()
          Indicates whether this operator supports multiple inputs.
 void visit(LOVisitor v)
          Visit this node with the provided visitor.
Methods inherited from class org.apache.pig.impl.logicalLayer.ExpressionOperator
getFieldSchema, getSchema, getType, regenerateFieldSchema, setFieldSchema, supportsMultipleOutputs, unsetFieldSchema
Methods inherited from class org.apache.pig.impl.logicalLayer.LogicalOperator
forceSchema, getAlias, getAliasString, getCustomPartitioner, getOperatorKey, getPlan, getRequestedParallelism, isPinnedOption, pinOption, reconcileSchema, regenerateSchema, setAlias, setCanonicalNames, setCustomPartitioner, setParent, setPlan, setRequestedParallelism, setSchema, setSchemaComputed, setType, toString, unsetSchema
Methods inherited from class org.apache.pig.impl.plan.Operator
compareTo, equals, getProjectionMap, hashCode, name, regenerateProjectionMap, rewire, unsetProjectionMap
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finalize, getClass, notify, notifyAll, wait, wait, wait

Constructor Detail


public BinaryExpressionOperator(LogicalPlan plan,
                                OperatorKey k,
                                int rp)
plan - Logical plan this operator is a part of.
k - Operator key to assign to this node.
rp - degree of requested parallelism with which to execute this node.


public BinaryExpressionOperator(LogicalPlan plan,
                                OperatorKey k)
plan - Logical plan this operator is a part of.
k - Operator key to assign to this node.
Method Detail


public ExpressionOperator getLhsOperand()


public ExpressionOperator getRhsOperand()


public void visit(LOVisitor v)
           throws VisitorException
Description copied from class: LogicalOperator
Visit this node with the provided visitor. This should only be called by the visitor class itself, never directly.

Specified by:
visit in class LogicalOperator
v - Visitor to visit with.
VisitorException - if the visitor has a problem.


public boolean supportsMultipleInputs()
Description copied from class: Operator
Indicates whether this operator supports multiple inputs.

Specified by:
supportsMultipleInputs in class Operator<LOVisitor>
true if it does, otherwise false.


protected Object clone()
                throws CloneNotSupportedException
clone in class ExpressionOperator
See Also:
Do not use the clone method directly. Operators are cloned when logical plans are cloned using {@link LogicalPlanCloner}

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