Class AvroSchemaManager

  extended by

public class AvroSchemaManager
extends Object

This class creates two maps out of a given Avro schema. And it supports looking up avro schemas using either type name or field name. 1. map[type name] = > avro schema 2. map[field name] => avro schema

Constructor Summary
AvroSchemaManager(org.apache.avro.Schema schema)
          Construct with a given schema
Method Summary
 org.apache.avro.Schema getSchema(String name)
          Look up schema using type name or field name
protected  void init(String namespace, org.apache.avro.Schema schema, boolean ignoreNameMap)
          Initialize given a schema
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Constructor Detail


public AvroSchemaManager(org.apache.avro.Schema schema)
                  throws IOException
Construct with a given schema

Method Detail


protected void init(String namespace,
                    org.apache.avro.Schema schema,
                    boolean ignoreNameMap)
Initialize given a schema


public org.apache.avro.Schema getSchema(String name)
Look up schema using type name or field name

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